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Geelong Grammar SchoolPositive Education / Positive Psychology Workshops

In conjunction with the Bei Shan Tang Foundation, Mindquest Group is proud to be supporting a 3-day residential workshop in Hong Kong on Discovering Positive Education.  These workshops will be delivered in Hong Kong from 30 April to 2 May 2016.   For more information and to register please refer to our blog post, Discovering Positive Education.

To learn more about Positive Psychology, please visit this page.

Fresco CapitalFresco Capital

The Founder of Mindquest Group, Justine Campbell is an Impact Partner for venture capital firm – Fresco Capital.  With representation throughout Asia, Fresco Capital are early stage venture investors supporting exceptional entrepreneurs to build remarkable businesses.  Of particular interest to Justine is their Ed-Tech fund that focuses on bringing technology to positively impact the field of education.

Allison Baum of Fresco Capital will present at the upcoming GET2015 Education Technology Summit in Beijing in December 2015.  This provides a platform for practitioners to share their insights, experience and creative solutions to revitalise education through technology.

Learn more about developments in the Education Technology arena here.

Blurton Family Development CenterBlurton Family Development Center

Mindquest Group works in conjunction with the Family Development Center (FDC) and shares their offices in Kennedy Town.  The FDC was established in 1996 to serve the needs of the Hong Kong community by providing experienced psychologists, counsellors and education experts.

They are the premier leader of psycho-educational assessment in Hong Kong, offering a full analysis of your child’s potential. From child and family therapy, Cogmed working memory training, to speech and language therapy, and literacy and dyslexia services – they work together to customise your child’s treatment plan to best suit their needs.

International Positive Education NetworkInternational Positive Education Network (IPEN)

The aim of the International Positive Education Network (IPEN) is to bring together teachers, parents, academics, students, schools, colleges, universities, charities, companies and governments to promote positive education. Their goals are to support collaboration, change education practice and reform government policy.  Justine Campbell and Lucy Graham from Mindquest Group are Global Representative of IPEN, supporting their initiatives in the Asian region.

In 2016, IPEN will host The Festival of Positive Education in Dallas, Texas from 18 to 20 July. This three-day event will bring together thought leaders who are transforming the way young people are educated around the world.  Please use the following code to receive 10% off ticket prices: IPENGR49 and join Mindquest at this global event.

Download a flyer on the IPEN Festival of Positive Education.

The Women's FoundationThe Women’s Foundation – Hong Kong

The Women’s Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in Hong Kong. We aspire to conduct groundbreaking research, to run innovative and impactful community programmes and we engage in education and advocacy in the pursuit of three main goals: –

  • Challenging gender stereotypes
  • Empowering women in poverty to achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their families
  • Growing the number of women in decision-making and leadership positions

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