Shalini Bindal

Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Human Resources Management. Diploma in Education and Training.

Shalini was first exposed to benefits of the REALgirl® programme when she personally witnessed the empowerment and turnaround it brought about in her daughter. Feeling the impact and value it can bring to lives of young girls, she has made it her mission to serve the purpose of the program and has undergone REALgirl® Training under Anea Bogue (Creator of REALgirl®). She further co-facilitated numerous groups, working with tween and teen girls between the ages of 8 and 13 years old in order to completely immerse herself in the program.

Shalini believes in a Socratic style of teaching to help the learner shape their beliefs and opinions and brings this style into the groups she facilitates. She is a walking example of somebody living their life according their values and beliefs, which in turn leads to a calm state of contentment.

Shalini has lived in India and Belgium before coming to Hong Kong in 2007 and holds Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Human Resources Management and a Diploma in Education and Training. She has more than 10 years’ experience of working with fortune 500 companies in the field of HR consulting and corporate training. She lives with her husband and two daughters in Hong Kong and loves to read, hike, and travel.

“Shalini’s calm approach to mentoring young girls is exceptional.  She truly wears her heart on her sleeve and often uses her own life experiences to help guide REALgirl® participants.  She focuses on supporting girls to find inner peace and empowerment to ride the inevitable waves of life.  She is such a bundle of positive energy which flows onto those that she works with in the REALgirl® groups and I am so pleased to have her as part of our empowerment team.”

Justine Campbell – Founder of Mindquest Group and Asia-Pacific Lead Trainer for REALgirl®

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