Lucy Graham

    BA Hons (University of Nottingham). Masters in Counselling (Monash) University.  IPEN Global Ambassador.

    Lucy has facilitated numerous groups on behalf of Mindquest Group including REALgirl, Mindquest KIDS, Mindquest BOYS, Mindquest SELF, Social Thinking and the Kimochis programs to support positive growth in individuals. She has counselling experience working with children, teens and their families to manage issues around anxiety, stress, anger, self-esteem, resilience, social identity, communication, transitions and change.

    Lucy uses the evidence-based psychology of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to underpin her work, but supports this using techniques from Positive Psychology, Solution Focused Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy, all of which employ the key component of Mindful Awareness.  The combination of these skills, allows Lucy to assist with the removal of obstacles to growth and wellbeing, and move her clients beyond OK to flourishing.  Through her years of experience working with young people, Lucy understands that real solutions require more than a problem-focus.  Rather than focusing on shortcomings of individuals Lucy emphasises their potential by investigating strengths and looking at all that is going right and makes life worth living.

    Borrowing from Barbara Fredrickson’s ‘broaden-and-build’ theory, positive emotions can have a long-lasting effect on our personal growth and development. They contribute to an upwards spiral of effects including enhanced attention span, flexibility of thought, resilience, creativity, self efficacy and growth mindset.  However, Lucy’s work is also grounded in an understanding Positive Psychology is not a panacea to everything.  Therapy evolves according to individual client needs and recognises the unique nature of each person’s story.  “We can’t simply will ourselves to feel a particular emotion, nor can anyone instill it in us.  Even engaging in pleasant activities does not guarantee positive emotions, because they depend our our interpretations.  What we can do, is make an effort to find positive meaning in our daily activities…” (Fredrickson 2002)

    Lucy is a member of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) and International Positive Education Network (IPEN) Global Ambassador.

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