Jennifer Johnson

Bachelor of Business Administration. Certified K-8 Educator.

Jennifer has taught for 6 years in both Hong Kong and Austin, Texas. She is currently working towards her Masters of Counselling with Monash University under the guidance of Dr. Jadis Blurton (Blurton Family Development Centre) and Justine Campbell (Mindquest Group). She is particularly interested in helping adolescents to build self-confidence, find balance, and cope with the stresses of school and social relationships.

Jennifer has a BBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin and is a certified K-8 educator in the state of Texas. She specializes in inquiry-based and constructivist mathematics teaching, and works closely with her students to enhance their creative problem solving, resiliency, collaboration, and communication. Jennifer also employs a variety of mindfulness and growth mindset techniques to help her students develop perseverance and flourish as learners and individuals. In addition to her time as a teacher, Jennifer has also led advisory and pastoral care groups, which work to help adolescents develop self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and make positive life choices.

Jennifer’s years of teaching experience have allowed her to fully grasp the myriad of pressures today’s youth face. Her gentle approach allows children to share their challenges, find their true voice, and develop self-confidence in a safe and supportive environment.

Jennifer will be available for individual sessions with children (6 to 18) and adults from January to April 2016 in Kennedy Town. Clients must commit to a minimum of 6 sessions within a 3 month period. Candidates will be selected based on presenting issues and commitment to the counselling process. A nominal fee of HK$400 per session will be charged to cover overheads. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of these sessions, please contact Jennifer Johnson directly.

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