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“On behalf of all at Carmel I would like to thank you and your team for delivering this important PD to our staff yesterday. As I said, it was a ‘first’ for us and so important we felt to have a PD all together. This obviously posed a real challenge for you – to make it relevant to pre-school, elementary and high school teachers – and you certainly hit the mark!” – Rachel Friedmann, Principal, Carmel School Association

Hong Kong, Carmel School

The Mindquest Team recently delivered an interactive workshop on cultivating healthy self-esteem, resiliency and emotional wellbeing in children. 60+ teachers from the Carmel School & ELSA High School in Hong Kong attended the training in preparation for the start of the new school year.

Social-emotional learning not only benefits a child’s academic performance, but also prepares them for future success outside of the classroom. We can’t build the future for our youth, but we can prepare them for the future through social-emotional learning. It is wonderful to see these schools educating their teachers to become more conscious as educators and to take the initiative to meet the challenges of preparing our youth for the future through social-emotional learning.

Hong Kong, Carmel School

“As children awaken into the dawn of day, we must present them with the opportunity to meet the challenges of life with hope, a desire to love others, and faith in better days to come. They must feel better about themselves and more capable and resilient as they learn the meaning of cooperation, healthy self-love, responsibility, and respect for individual differences and the rights of others…” – Dr. Joseph Plasner, Balabon Center

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