One-to-One Support

Maximise Personal Performance

How people get to the point of optimal functioning or flourishing, depends on our individual client’s needs. Ultimately we believe that focusing on strengths rather than correcting weaknesses is the most effective approach to long-term positive evolution and wellbeing. Strengths-based interventions are highly empowering and motivating, and give people control and confidence. These approaches do not ignore weaknesses but work on the basis that investing time and energy on the areas of strength is more productive and more likely to succeed than using our resources on overcoming weaknesses. Moreover, if we need to prevail over an area of weakness, using our strengths makes more sense.  In the initial One-to-One session we will help you to work through the best approach for YOU.


Counselling or Coaching?


If aspects of your past experience are getting in the way of your present and future wellbeing, it might be that some counselling would be the best approach in the beginning. Counselling need not be lengthy or meandering, but can provide the support and groundwork needed to find the solutions for which you are looking. Our counsellors use the evidence-based psychotherapy of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), supported by elements of Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), and complimented by Solution Focused Positive Psychology.


Coaching, on the other hand, begins with a more future-focused orientation and aims to help you develop inspirational goals imbued with meaning and purpose. One-to-One Coaching is dedicated to promoting well-being and maximizing personal performance through a solutions-based and strengths-focused approach. Instead of placing emphasis on pathology or “fixing”, One-to-One Coaching is about YOU: your goals, your talents, and optimizing your journey so you can THRIVE.


Positive Psychology

The incorporation of Positive Psychology into all of our One-to-One sessions encourages and supports our clients to develop a kinder, calmer, and more flexible mind in which to live. Founded on strengths, Positive Psychology aims to lower stress, and increase effectiveness and well-being by deliberately cultivating more positive perspectives – such as safety, contentment, connectedness, and compassion – no matter what circumstances arise.

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  • 我們的兒子從前是一個完美主義者,有時候會因為對自己要求過高而令自己很焦慮、緊張,以致睡眠質素受影響,較難控制情緒。剛開始接受Justine的生命教練輔導時,兒子還是不太願意,可是在 Justine的耐心指導下,兒子漸漸接受輔導,也建立了對Justine的信任,我們也發現他在思想和行為方面都變得比較正面了。

    Parent, 12, 8 and 5 year old, Hong Kong
  • “These coaching sessions helped me clear through the clutter to get to the root of the problem and to break the destructive patterns I had adopted over the years. I worked through options to get to become a happier version of me. A truly positive and empowering experience that was the catalyst to change I needed.”

    42 year old, Stay-at-Home Mother, Hong Kong
  • Having Justine as both a coach and a mentor. She pushed us to be more proactive in how we want our lives to unfold—understanding what we really want, visualising it, and planning how to take the first steps to getting there.

    Mother, Teen Daughter, Hong Kong
  • When God can’t be there, he sends angels… I am convinced that’s you, Justine. I know my son feels at ease knowing he has support from you. Having a trustworthy third party coaching him in “tricky” situations has made things a whole lot easier for both my son and myself.

    Mother, 9 year old boy, Hong Kong

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