Group Workshops

Unlocking Potential

Mindquest Group offers a variety of group workshops for people of all ages to encourage them to take the time to reflect on their life, their dreams and the meaning that underpins them.  We are firm believers in putting people in the driver’s seat to take control of shaping and creating their own future – a future that takes them beyond ‘OK’ to flourishing.

If you see a workshop that interests you but the time or age group doesn’t work for you, please contact us to discuss alternate options and/or to arrange a bespoke group workshop.

Girl EMPOWERMENT Workshops

Ages 10 to 12
October to December 2016
Kennedy Town

We are firm believers in putting people in the driver’s seat to take control of shaping and creating their own future – a future that takes them beyond ‘OK’ to flourishing.

We believe that focusing on strengths rather than correcting weaknesses is the most effective approach to long-term positive evolution and wellbeing.

Strengths-based interventions such as these short workshops for girls are highly empowering and motivating, and give tweens more control and confidence.

Mindquest PowerUP Programme

PowerUP is a 12-week programme for youth that examines all areas of well-being and flourishing. Using the evidence-based research of Positive Psychology in combination with Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Solution-Focused Coaching, we have created a programme that introduces the skills needed for youth to become the master of their own minds and unlock their innate Potential.

Real skill in anything comes with experience but having a firm foundation, in the form of knowledge about your mind (the most complex thing you possess) and how it works, is essential to well-being. The programme is not designed to give instructions on where to go in life, but instead focuses on how to get there.

Wednesday Afternoons – 4:15pm to 5:45pm

  • 15 and 22 February
  • 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 March
  • 19, 26 April
  • 10, 17, 24 May
  • “Justine has been a very supportive mentor. I really admire her energy, which I believe has motivated the group, especially my daughter…”

    Parent, 9 year old girl, Bradbury English Schools Foundation (ESF), Hong Kong
  • “My 9 year old recently went on a school camp in a different country. He found it hard to sleep on camp, thinking of home, but the great thing is, he still enjoyed it and DEFINITELY was able to use the program strategies to help him. He said ‘If I hadn’t been to Justine’s class I would have been panicking on camp. But using the strategies helped me to relax and enjoy it.'”

    Parent, 9 year old boy, Hong Kong
  • “My daughter has really grown in such a short period of time. One of the changes that I’ve appreciated the most is her willingness (matched now with her ability) to talk about her feelings so that we can work through and resolve conflicts with myself, her dad and sometimes even her brother. The changes that she has shown has had a positive impact on everyone in the household.”

    Parent, 5 year old girl, Hong Kong

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