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Emotion Regulation & Mindfulness Program for BoysEmotion Regulation & Mindfulness Program for Boys

In conjunction with Dr Amanda Oswalt of the Blurton Family Development Centre, we are pleased to be offering an emotion regulation program specifically for boys.

Growing up is hard to do. We all know the saying and yet it does not make childhood any easier to cope with.

This is especially true for young adolescent boys. This is a time when you are not quite a child and not quite a teenager. You have thoughts and ideas but you are still learning coping and communication skills. Oftentimes, this can lead to stress and frustration.

Many kids do not know how to deal with these feelings and they become out of control and angry. This can lead to tantrums, yelling, and tension in the home and at school.

However, if a child can learn how to communicate these feelings in a productive way and find new coping skills, these once seemingly insurmountable obstacles can be the stepping off point to a fruitful, compassionate and calm relationship with you and your child.

Emotion Commotion is a group for children who have trouble expressing themselves in constructive and calm ways. They will learn strategies to recognize their feelings, regulate emotions, articulate their ideas in appropriate and productive ways, and to sustain nurturing and reciprocal relationships.

This group is run by a doctoral child psychologist specializing in group therapy and emotional regulation.

  • No. of Sessions: 6 x 1.5 hour Child Sessions
  • Facilitators: 1:3 ratio of Facilitators to Participants
  • Age Group: 9 to 11 year olds (boys)
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