Feedback from Clients and Parents
  • “When my mother convinced me to go see Justine in the beginning of 2012 to help me “define my goals”, I NEVER thought I would have come to where I am now. Although I am 17, about to go to University and still don’t know what I want to do with my life, I have a much clearer idea of who I am, as well as of my beliefs and values. I am grateful for all of Justine’s help in this as without an understanding of these key factors, I would never have been able to push myself as hard as I did in the final few months of high school. I am also incredibly grateful to Justine for inviting me to join her and be a mentor for Mindquest Kids as this experience really opened me up to the field of work I am interested in (psychology) and provided me with first-hand experience. It also helped me to recognize how I can provide support to others after having undergone a similar process with Justine myself. I cannot thank Justine enough for what she has helped me to accomplish and can’t wait to embark on my own life and hopefully be able to have such a positive influence on others.”

    Sofia, 17 year old, Chinese International School, Hong Kong
  • “Claire (Turnbull) is a strong and empowered role model.  Her direct person-centered approach to counselling is often just the thing needed to get people to make the changes needed in their lives.”

    Justine Campbell, Founder of Mindquest Group
  • 我們的兒子從前是一個完美主義者,有時候會因為對自己要求過高而令自己很焦慮、緊張,以致睡眠質素受影響,較難控制情緒。剛開始接受Justine的生命教練輔導時,兒子還是不太願意,可是在 Justine的耐心指導下,兒子漸漸接受輔導,也建立了對Justine的信任,我們也發現他在思想和行為方面都變得比較正面了。最近他很有哲理地說,每個人都有自己的問題,顯示他正慢慢的接受了無人完美,也不應該要求自己完美。除此之外,我們也很欣賞 Justine 細心留意兒子的需要:從兒子習慣戴手錶睡覺的事實,Justine推斷出他對時間比較緊張,也許會半夜不時看手錶;為了讓他的睡眠質素更好,Justine建議我們買投射式時鐘,現在兒子每天晚上睡覺前都會自己調教它。Justine 也提供了健康美味和充滿能量的小食餐單,以備兒子在清晨起來做功課時食用,實在很細心。 此外,我的兒子和女兒都是Justine的課程的學員。我們認為Justine的課程能有效地建立孩子的抗逆能力,因為課程中孩子學會了一系列處理感受的技巧和訂立目標幫助自己度過難關;也幫助孩子建立自我形象和自信。Justine的課程不但對我的孩子有所裨益,更讓孩子在一個愉快輕鬆的環境中學會面對人生的種種技巧。每一次我跟有孩子的朋友交談時都會對他們推介Justine的課程。

    Parent, 12, 8 and 5 year old, Hong Kong
  • “Our kids of this generation have more than what they need, either in material terms, or care given by parents or grown-ups surrounding them. The setback is they have no idea why they need to work hard and need to build up a good foundation to front up to future challenges.”

    Parent, 9 year old, Hong Kong
  • “I find it easier to not get upset when things go wrong. I know I can 
try to do better next time. When things go wrong, I know that most times I can fix it to be better – so things are not always as bad as they first seem. I am not afraid of trying new things anymore. In fact, I am now a brave girl who tries out lots of new things!”

    5 year old girl, Hong Kong
  • “I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the sessions, they have been extremely positive and rewarding for our son. He is much happier with himself and more importantly happy to go to school. I have gone from having a son that came home from school everyday in tears and not wanting to go to school to a son who is a lot more comfortable with himself, his feelings and surroundings. There have been a couple of ‘whoops’ moments but they have been resolved in half the time it would have taken in the past and he has been able to reason and see both sides of the situation. As a parent, it’s great to see him like this and I hope he stays on this positive road. We’ve had a very long period of unhappiness and I am so thankful to you.”

    Parent, 9 year old boy, Hong Kong
  • “Great work. You are filling an essential gap in the education system!”

    Parent of 9 year old, Chinese International School (CIS), Hong Kong
  • “This was exactly what we needed… Our son has always been a nervous and anxious type and this was affecting his school work and social life. Some children seem to naturally learn resilience, assertiveness and social skills whilst others benefit much more from learning these skills in a structured and supportive environment. Justine’s amazing passion and commitment to making the program work for every child is a true inspiration…the skills he has learned are truly skills for life and for the whole family.”

    Parent, 9 year old boy, English Schools Foundation (ESF), Hong Kong
  • “The program has helped us all focus on the necessary life skills for resolving problems, having confidence in oneself, a positive outlook towards life, and being one’s own advocate. As a working mum, I am pleasantly surprised to find that the sessions have actually helped open the communication channel between me and my 9 year old son. I am thoroughly enjoying the honest conversations with the kids where they are not afraid to talk about real issues that can arise in school like bullying and finding friends, and to discuss how to work on the issues.”

    Parent, 9 year old boy, German Swiss International School (GSIS), Hong Kong
  • “The program was a life changing experience, and empowers children with invaluable life skills. It is has changed the way my son thinks about challenging situations. It has taught us, as parents, how to best to guide our children to manage their anxiety and have a positive outlook. Justine really cares about each child that comes into the program and wants to help. She is a generous and compassionate person, and dedicated to doing a wonderful thing for children in Hong Kong.”

    Parent, 5 year old, Canadian International School (CDNIS), Hong Kong
  • “Overall, my son is a much calmer person now, able to take a step back to explain the situation and work through solutions. I remember back when we first started, I was sceptical about whether this is going to work. But I was desperate, I had to give it a try…and I’m glad I did. There’s always a new twist to the same solution J!. I know with my son the road ahead is going to be steep and bumpy but I know with the right guidance, there will be some smooth paths after every couple of corners. How’s that for helpful thoughts…?”

    Parent, 8 year old boy, Independent Schools Foundation Academy (ISF), Hong Kong
  • “I have to say that this is by far the best class I have ever signed up my child for. It is very well organised; the teachers are all awfully kind and skilful; our son is more confident and happier after three months of learning. He often uses the skills to deal with his frustrations in life and he is quite positive now. The program is very helpful and definitely worth the money. I am very happy that I found it and strongly recommend it for other kids.”

    Parent, 9 year old boy, Independent Schools Foundation Academy (ISF), Hong Kong
  • My son lacked self-confidence, always answered with “I don’t know” and avoided eye contact. I was worried that he might not be able to pass any school interview in Hong Kong. Thanks to Mindquest – it helped my son, but also gave me the language and tools to encourage my son to be brave and try new things. Now you can see the beam of confidence in his eyes, and he was admitted into one of the best schools in Hong Kong.”

    Parent, 4 year old boy, Hong Kong
  • “We’ve seen wonders the program has done to our son, whose anxiety has long been an impediment to his social and academic life. His teacher told us the other day that our son had been taking more risks, accepting changes more easily and showing the courage to try new things in class. We’re very happy and surprised to see such big changes in our son. We think the program really works.”

    Parent, 8 year old boy, English Schools Foundation (ESF), Hong Kong
  • “The adult training program was well organised and we learned new skills to help ourselves and to help our children and all children with tools to be mindful, feel relaxed, using helpful thoughts, developing resilience, communication skills and coping strategies and preparing for life’s challenges and more. These are the skills that are essential for a successful life. The lectures, discussions and group activities used all methods of learning styles to make this an engaging course. These skills are not taught in schools and we often don’t learn them from our parents, so learning these skills to be a good role model is key so kids can learn by observation and example. There is so much pressure in Hong Kong to make the good grades to get into the right schools, but this does not necessarily lead to a happy balanced life. We can’t recommend this course enough. My suggestions are that parents attend this workshop and then send their children to the program.”

    Caroline and James, Hong Kong
  • “I had a stressful day and my son taught me the breathing techniques to calm myself down. He had an episode, which got him very upset, and he looked at me and said, “I don’t want to feel like this“ which to me means that he recognises that he wants to change. I know it will take time but I think it's a small step but big milestone for him. Thanks for all your guidance throughout this process.”

    Mother, 8 year old boy, Independent Schools Foundation (ISF) Academy, Hong Kong
  • “Through the work I did with Justine, she helped me to realise that I did have choices and that I did actually have the courage within to make the changes necessary. Justine – you are an inspiration and I will continue to apply all that I have learnt from you as I move through this new chapter of my life. Thank you for your incredible support.”

    Natalie, Independent Schools Foundation, Hong Kong
  • “When God can’t be there, he sends angels… I am convinced that’s you, Justine. I know my son feels at ease knowing he has support from you. Having a trustworthy third party coaching him in “tricky” situations has made things a whole lot easier for both my son and myself. Communication flows much better when we discuss things using similar language at home. What you do as a whole for the child and parent(s) in these coaching sessions is difficult to quantify, as the end result is always a “happy family”. Through these sessions you have empowered us with the essential life skills to make things happen and also to believe with the right support, my son can truly be the person he can be.”

    Mother, 9 year old boy, Hong Kong
  • “Sam is a natural at guiding and empowering individuals… Her supportive and non-intrusive style enables people to reflect and grow within themselves to reach their goals – whatever they may be.”

    Justine Campbell, Founder of Mindquest Group
  • “Justine has been both a wonderful coach and important mentor for my teenage daughter (and myself!) and a real blessing in our lives. Over the three months that we had one-on-one and family coaching sessions with Justine, her insight, kindness and empathy were always evident. A mentor as well as a counsellor, Justine guided us towards an understanding of how to be more proactive. My daughter’s level of self-confidence and self-understanding improved exponentially. Justine guidance helped both of us to understand how to be more proactive. Having Justine as both a coach and a mentor. She pushed us to be more proactive in how we want our lives to unfold—understanding what we really want, visualising it, and planning how to take the first steps to getting there.”

    Mother, Teenage daughter, Hong Kong
  • “This has given my son a new lease on life. We went into it thinking that it would be a good idea to develop EQ, but did not really give it too much thought. Our son was doing fine at school and socially before the program, but he is now far more confident in himself and seems to be approaching situations that previously he would have avoided (for fear of not being the best). As parents, we feel empowered through all the parent correspondence we received each week and the parent workshops. Justine is truly a wonderful role model for the kids, but also for us as parents. Her commitment and dedication to helping children and adults “be all they can be” comes through in everything she does. It has been an incredibly positive experience not only for our son, but also for us.”

    Parent, 10 year old boy, Hong Kong International School (HKIS), Hong Kong
  • “Before our son started coaching sessions with Justine, he was a perfectionist who often became too demanding on himself, resulting in stress, anger management and sleep issues. Although he was initially reluctant to attend coaching sessions, Justine’s patience and persistence have really helped him open up and we have been noticing positive changes to our son’s perspective and behaviour. Recently he came up with a “philosophy”, stating that everybody has their own issues, which indicates that he is gradually coming to terms with the fact that nobody is perfect and he should not demand himself to be. We are also very grateful to Justine for her mindfulness to our son’s needs – from the fact that he wore his watch to sleep, Justine deduced that he was tense about being on time and suggested a projector clock so that his sleep would be less interrupted and now he sets up the clock every night before he sleeps. Knowing that he prefers to get up for schoolwork in the small hours of the morning, Justine suggested recipes for healthy and energy-giving snacks for breakfast. As for the program, in which both our son and daughter participate, we are confident that it can build resilience in children because it teaches them a set of skills to handle their feelings and techniques such as setting goals to overcome their difficulties. It also builds confidence and self-esteem in children. My children benefit from and enjoy their sessions immensely, and I have recommended it to all my friends who have children.”      

    Parent, 12, 8 and 5 year old, Hong Kong
  • “It is a program that provides invaluable tools to assist children with choosing how to live their best life. Choosing to ‘see’ things in a positive manner and respond accordingly, can only assist children in the management of what has become a busy, and sometimes stressful lifestyle.”

    Parent, 8 year old, Australian International School (AISHK), Hong Kong
  • “Shalini’s calm approach to mentoring young girls is exceptional.  She truly wears her heart on her sleeve and often uses her own life experiences to help guide REALgirl® participants.  She focuses on supporting girls to find inner peace and empowerment to ride the inevitable waves of life. Shalini is such a bundle of positive energy which flows onto those that she works with in the REALgirl® groups and I am so pleased to have her as part of our empowerment team.”

    Justine Campbell, Founder of Mindquest Group
  • “Justine is mindful of children’s needs and succeeds in building resilience…”

    Parent, 6 year old, Independent Schools Foundation Academy (ISF), Hong Kong
  • “We understood the pressures that the children are faced with in Hong Kong and wanted to help give our son as much help as possible, so that he had the skills to be able to better manage things. The program has helped him to face challenges and not get as easily overwhelmed by things. He appears to be much more positive about life in general, but the biggest change we see is that there are less battles surrounding homework… he just gets on with it and does it. So, all around we are a happier family as a result.”

    Parent, 8 year old boy, Hong Kong
  • “Justine is changing the way the kids of Hong Kong think – one child at a time – helping them to see things through a positive lens. As a parent, she is inspirational…. to the children, she is an incredible role model. Our participation in this program has given us far more than we expected…. if only Justine could be duplicated to reach more kids and parents – the world would be an even ‘greener’ place.”

    Parent of 3 children, Chinese International School (CIS), Hong Kong

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