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How to live a rewarding life: the psychology of self-compassion and seven tips to help you shine

Staying Strong in Times of Trouble: How hardiness helped weather a multitude of blows –
cancer being the latest.

When Siblings Fight: Do your children fight like cat and dog? Karen
Sherwood tackles the challenges of sibling rivalry.

Pushing the Boundaries: An Expat Living Magazine feature of Justine Campbell and her journey in Asia in her new Chung Hom Kok home.

Helping Kids Cope: Our good intentions may actually be piling on more pressure, which for some youngsters can become too much to take.

Burning the Midnight Oil: Major exams are looming on the spring term timetable. Lucy Graham provides some tips for teens to manage the stress.

No Turning Back: For many Hong Kong parents, it’s that time of year to say good bye to children off to boarding school overseas. Advice for Parents.

How to Help Our Kids Cope with Anxiety: Anxiety in children is not unique to Hong Kong, it is, however, on the rise. There is a lot we can to do help.

Full Esteem Ahead: Hong Kong children get help from a centre that uses positive psychology to empower dispirited children to deal with the trials of life.

Beating the Bullies: Bullying isn’t always that easy to deal with and its psychological effects can have long-lasting ramifications.

Mindfulness for Mamas: Do you want to show up? An excellent article on Mindful Parenting and an interview with Justine Campbell, Mindquest Group

Family Ties: The bond between grandparents and grandchildren can be a magical one. This article explores this from an expat family perspective.

Self-esteem Strategies: You play a crucial role in developing your daughter’s self-esteem – use these strategies to build and protect her.

The Struggle For Work-Life Balance in China: As China gets richer and its population ages, goals have started to shift; some are re-evaluating their priorities.

Going the Distance – Dads that Travel: How can families keep the bond intact with business trips now a ‘part of the job’ for many working parents?

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