At Mindquest Group we encourage people to take the time to reflect on their life, their dreams and the meaning that underpins them.  We are firm believers in putting people in the driver’s seat to take control of shaping and creating their own future – a future that takes them beyond ‘OK’ to flourishing.

We do this through coaching, counselling, group workshops and professional development, depending on our clients’ needs.  Ultimately we believe that focusing on strengths rather than correcting weaknesses is the most effective approach to long-term positive evolution and wellbeing.

Embrace Your Strengths…

Unlock Your Potential.

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  • Justine Campbell

    Justine applies the science of Positive Psychology as a Coach, Counsellor and Trainer. She is currently researching the application of these principles applied to a Chinese landscape.

  • Mindquest Associates

    Mindquest Group consists of a group of highly qualified and passionate individuals who share a deep desire to help others lead calmer, happier and more fulfilling lives.

Unlocking Potential.

Enabling Positive Evolution In Individuals And Organisations.

We are on a mission to help others increase their wellbeing to lead calmer, happier, and more fulfilling lives. We want to empower you to develop your innate-strengths and keys to optimal human functioning to grow and develop into who you have the potential to be. This solutions- focused approach underpins our approach in everything we do at Mindquest.

The Mindquest Team of practitioners apply the science of Positive Psychology in practical applications to
develop a toolkit or resources for clients to grow, face challenges and THRIVE.


“If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.”

Chinese Proverb


Our Coaching and Counselling support is about YOU: where you are and where you want to get to, focusing on drawing out your innate strengths to unlock your IDEAL self.

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Group Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops for people of all ages to encourage them to take the time to reflect on their life, their dreams and the meaning that underpins them.

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Justine Campbell is available to speak to your group or organization about a range of topics related to Positive Psychology and Flourishing.

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We Support

We support and partner with a number of organisations with initiatives that promote Positive Psychology in classrooms and the office.

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  • Having Justine as both a coach and a mentor. She pushed us to be more proactive in how we want our lives to unfold—understanding what we really want, visualising it, and planning how to take the first steps to getting there.

    Mother, Teen Daughter, Hong Kong
  • “It has been a terrific experience for the girls and I thank you for an amazing program!!! It is great for them to know there are resources in their life when things seem bleak and for that I am so grateful.”

    Mother, 11 & 13 year old girls, Hong Kong
  • “When my mother convinced me to go see Justine in the beginning of 2012 to help me “define my goals”, I NEVER thought I would have come to where I am now. I am grateful for all of Justine’s help in this as without an understanding of these key factors, I would never have been able to push myself as hard as I did in the final few months of high school.”

    Sofia, 17 year old, Chinese International School (CIS), Hong Kong

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